City Council

1010A Douglas Ave.
Brewton, AL 36426 
Phone: 251-809-1770
Fax: 251-809-1775 

The City of Brewton is run under the "Mayor–Council" form of government. There are five (5) Districts in the City, each one represented by one (1) elected Councilmember with a four (4) year term. The Mayor is elected “at large” during the same election. Terms are not staggered. The population of Brewton is under 12,000, therefore, by State Law, the Mayor is also a member of the Council with a full vote. The Mayor normally votes when there is an impasse and a “tie breaker” vote is required and votes during all required unanimous votes, i.e., the immediate consideration of an Ordinance.

The City Council is the financial arm of the City, with the Mayor as CEO. None of the elected officials serve full time, so the full time Department Heads, particularly the City Clerk, conduct all daily operations and business. Councilmembers have no authority as individuals; their authority is asserted during the Regular Meetings held each 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the Municipal Complex; Special Meetings are occasionally convened. Municipal elections for Brewton are conducted each August during a national election year.

Brewton Councilmen

Yank Lovelace 
City of Brewton Mayor
 Carrie Brown
Councilwoman District 1
 Lawrence Weaver
Councilman District 2
 Feast Broughton
Councilman District 3
Joe Watson
Councilman District 4
Fred Barton
Councilman District 5




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